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I got into triathlon in 2016 after going through various sports. Right from the beginning, I was fairly successful; however, I was never in the lead during the swimming leg of the biggest races, so I relied mainly on my cycling skills to catch up. In 2020, I made a significant decision to transition to the middle-distance triathlon, which suits me better due to the higher proportion of cycling. With pride, I represent not only myself but also aim to make a mark not just in the Czech Republic but also among professionals worldwide. I am preparing for the biggest Czech and international races, such as IRONMAN and CHALLENGE.

In 2022, I participated for the first time in the Middle Distance Triathlon European Championships in Bilbao. In the upcoming year of 2023, I achieved victory in the course record time of 3:49 at the largest Czech triathlon, the Czechman Triathlon. Additionally, I secured a 3rd place finish in the international PTO No Limits Triathlon Montenegro with a time of 3:45:22, which is the second-fastest time in the history of the Czech Republic. At the end of the season, I won my 1st Ironman distance triathlon Austria Triathlon Podersdorf in 8h13min, just one week after the MD European Championships in Belgium. 

Czechman Triatlon 2023 - 1st place and course record

Biggest Achievements

Austria Triathlon IRONMAN 2023 - Winner
Czechman Triathlon 2023 - 1st place, course record
PTO No Limits Triathlon 2023 - 3rd place 3:45:22 
Czechman Triathlon 2021 - 1st place
ISRAMAN 2023 - 2nd place 
Zadarhalf Triathlon 2022 - 2nd place (3:55) 
European Championships Bilbao 2022 - 11th place 
Czechman Triathlon 2022 - 3rd place
Frankfurt City Triathlon 2022 - 7th place
Hamrman Triathlon 70.3 2020 - 1st place, course record 
Zadar Half Triathlon 2021 - 3rd place
Pardubice Triathlon 2020 - 1st place 
Labe Arena 70.3 Triathlon 2020 - 3rd place 
Sportisimo Half Marathon Prague 2022 - 9th best Czech Runner

Sports history

Before starting my triathlon career, I was dedicated to competitive tennis and finswimming, where I participated in national and international competitions, specifically world cups. I managed to achieve the title of Czech Republic Vice-Champion four times and earned several valuable top 5 placements in world cup events. In early 2016, I transitioned to triathlon, where I have been reaping my most significant successes since 2020. Since 2021, I have also been competing as a professional athlete in the IRONMAN and CHALLENGE series. In early 2022, I successfully completed my comprehensive exams at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, specializing in Sports and Conditioning Specialist. Currently, I am a student of Mental coaching under the guarantor Marian Jelinek.


Boss of MYSELF

As an individual professional athlete and a university-educated coach, I have multiple roles in my life. In addition to being an athlete, I also play the role of the entire support team. I primarily lead my own training, and I also take on the role of a manager; I manage my social media accounts and websites. An advantage of this is that I can directly represent myself, which gives me the freedom to choose my races and adapt to the requirements of my partners...


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Plans and goals for 2024

Challenge Roth 2024 - debute

European Championships in LD Triathlon Almere


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